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    Changing Engine Oil On 1.4LT

    GM recommends following their Oil Life Monitor, which typically "aims" for about 10,000 miles but drops back to ~5,000 miles if most driving is in-city. I'm guessing you're in Canada--does your Dashboard Information Center (DIC) show "percentage Oil Life" as one of its displays?
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    New Member Here

    Welcome aboard! Do you have a Cruze or are you looking into possibly getting one?
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    Finally.. clean car lowered pics

    Samething happens during our (AZ) summer monsoon thunderstorms; it rains just about every afternoon followed by dust (Habuub) (likewise) "...there's no point."
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    Finally.. clean car lowered pics

    Nice color and pictures! It was 91ºF here yesterday, so that SNOW sure looks inviting (ha,ha)!
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    Fuel Mileage

    Well, I can only respond about our 2011 LTZ, which has the 3.87:1 final (axle) drive ratio. The best we've EVER gotten has been 32.6-32.7 MPG at 65 mph, with no a/c operating, while city is only 27-29 MPG. Seemingly, the 6M Cruzes seem to be able to meet & beat their EPA estimates...while very...
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    Fuel Mileage

    Well, mathematically, an engine speed of 2300 RPM in 6th (0.74:1) gear for the 2013 6T40 Hydramatic transmission (final drive ratio 3.53:1) with Michelin Pilot MXM4 tires (802 rev/mile) yields a vehicle road speed of 66 MPH: MPH = [ 60 / (G×A) ] × [ RPM / rpm ] MPH = [ 60 / (3.53×0.74) ] × [...
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    Intermittent Electrical Issues

    Sounds like a last-ditch act of "shot-gun" replacement to me, ie: *do* something & pray it helps the problem.
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    New Owner Today

    Well, truthfully, beyond the 'knee exercise' & better fuel economy that manuals provide, the automatic *IS* more popular...something like 85% auto vs. 15% manual. While I prefer a manual, the wife has 'bum' a knee so it's only autos now...she used to drive manuals all her life, so it's not that...
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    WeatherTech Floor Mats

    Hm-m-m, hadn't heard about an 'o'-ring fitting over the OEM carpet nub.
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    Center Grille Interchangeable?

    As I understand it, the whole lower portion of the Eco bumper (insides) is somewhat different to accommodate the positioning and mounting of that shutter, the ECM gets involved, since *it* controls the opening & shutting of the shutter...not to mention the additional wiring...
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    Center Grille Interchangeable?

    Haven't done this swap personally, but if the grill assembly is *physically* identical, "yes," it can be swapped in without problems. However, the upper-grill opening is only one part of the 'whole' aero package...don't forget the lower-grill shutter assembly, which is probably the most...
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    My very unpleasant $2,004.00 experience with vTuner Vermont Tuning

    Sad to hear of your problem. Sounds like only two options left to consider: (1) ask for an exhange (probably not gonna happen) or (2) get a lawyer and file a suit (court of last resort). P.S. "SHOUTING" (bolded, large font text) isn't acceptable.
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    Eibach Springs Installed

    How's the cornering? Should be more stable--ie, less leaning / twisting--keeping all four tires more firmly planted to the pavement.
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    upgrade to mylink?

    Actually, that's a very good question, because many owners seem to want that capability (mylink) in their cars. Unfortunately, *I* do not know the answer because our Cruze (2011) didn't offer that option and the wife isn't interested in it (yet). But, others here might know more about it.
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    New today

    Welcome to the forum...and curious, which transmission did you get in your LT, 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic?