So how can we make this forum a more active one?


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What can we do that other forums are not doing to get this forum more active? You have any ideas? Post them up here.

We are also looking for a few members that would like to be active on here and become moderators. If you are interested, please pm me.

Thank you for being a member of and I hope we can move forward and make this forum a very active one!



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For me, it's just a matter of not getting on a whole lot. What do moderators do and how much time do you have to be active on the page?


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I started a forum almost 4 years ago, being a GM guy my whole life and owning a Trans am since 19 I started a F body forum, it is hard starting one, in time it will come. Since these cars are new you can't get people from car shows, I stumbled on this forum after getting my daughter a new Cruze, there were a few to pick from. I liked the look of this forum, Who started this one? Is it a GM owned forum? Anyway, it should be helpful in the future. I just totally re done my forum, if you want to chat pm me. I haven't really looked at this forum closely yet. I added a members Gallery with the remodel, maybe there's one here, anyway it just takes time. Need a moderator? Pm me


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No one is taking down the spam on this site. Ugg boots coins Pandora so on. Come on guys.

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