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All I have been using on my cars since 1998 is Zaino. It's not a wax or a polish, but a polymer. It's easy to apply. Much easier than when I first started using it because of the new products they have come out with since 1998. The darker the color, the better the shine with Zaino. I will be posting pics as soon as I can figure out the user album section!:D I already messed it up!:( Stay tuned.

I like the look of the new site here. Lots of luck.


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I have also use zaino products on my previous car.Used them on my '99 black Jeep Cherokee with extraordinary results.I personally like the tire protectant because it doesn't leave that real glossy, shiny look.Almost anyone who follows the automotive internet scene has heard of Zaino car care products at least once.


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Zaino's products aren't that bad at all. We've used them in the shop before, testing it against the likes of Turtle Wax and Nu Finish. Each of the three has their own distinctive qualities, therefore, it's hard to be completely picky towards one. That being said, my own personal preference is Zaino when I clean and detail my own car at home.


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I know Sal from way back to when he personally delivered his products to his clients vette owners and the like and now he is more then a force to be reckoned with in that corner of the market. Although I will say I use Mothers on occasion and have not had any bad luck either, Just goes to say there is something for everyone and we all have our favs/opinions about what works best. Cheers!


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With all due respect to Hallmark™ cards, maybe the Zaino™ motto could be "...when you care enough to use only the best!..."

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