What to look for?

Papa Rad17

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Hello everyone! I've been part of the Aleromod community for years and owned several, love my little ecotec motors. I've recently found out I have a little one on the way and after test driving several cars and lots of looking around and I think I'm settled on a cruze. Theres just not many newer car I would ever consider owning. My mom had got one in 2011 when they first came to America and battled the A/C issues but I still liked the car, plus they are safe and have 4 doors, with great mileage. I'm looking at a 2012 model on Monday. Its an LT with the RS and audio packages, sunroof, and 6sp manual trans. I've done some looking around and identified a few things I should check on, but hearing directly from owners will usually tell me what I need to know. What are some key points I should look at on a cruze? I've read some about radiator issues and making sure idle is smooth. What else? Has anyone had suspension, brake, motor/trans, or other red flag problems I should look closely at? Thanks all in advance!

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