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To save on gas, manufacturers develop various solutions, such as the hybrid powertrains, lightweight materials, cutting aerodynamics, The majority of modern hybrid and electric cars are equipped with Fuel-efficient tires, to maximize the range, but such tires also work in the same way for regular cars with internal combustion engines.

They are designed to reduce energy loss when accelerating and decelerating thanks to the low rolling resistance. Switching to low rolling resistance tires can improve fuel mileage by as much as 1-2 miles per gallon. If this is an improvement you're looking for, check the most popular fuel-efficient tires available at CARiD.

#1 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422



- Improved wet traction and hydroplaning resistance
- Made from ground-up post consumer tires
- Increased fuel efficiency
- All-season performance

#2 Falken ZIEX ZE950 A S



- Latest generation drive axle tyre
- Delivering superb traction in all weather conditions
- Casing and new tread design ensure even wear and top mileage for all needs
- Outstanding all-weather performance

#3 Firestone Firehawk



- All-season, high-performance tire for superior handling and maneuverability all year round
- More channels to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, ensuring better control on wet roads
- Improved tread design with 20% more biting edges for optimal traction in snowy conditions
- Full-depth features ensure more sporty performance than the prior generation Firehawk tire

#4 Toyo Proxes



- Improved wet traction
- Lower pattern noise
- Reduced irregular wear

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