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I wrote to our state insurance department to ask them if there was something they could do, along with other state insurance commissioners, to get the insurance companies to offer a better discount for having OnStar car recovery on our cars. I know GMAC offers what someone said was a substantial discount, but I have not heard of any other companies offering the same. I know they all offer a slight discount for having a car alarm, but that's NOT the same as what we have.

Well, yesterday, I received their response after several weeks. I swear- they could ALL go work in Washington, DC with the rest of the politicians, because they never addressed my concerns. First off, they wrote to GMAC as if I was complaining about them! I don't have and have never had GMAC insurance! Then, they said that there is no CT insurance statue that requires a company to offer a discount for anti-theft devices! I am sure that is TOTALLY true, but there was so MUCH more in my original letter that they glossed over and gave me this GENERIC response!

Looks like letter writing has gotten me nowhere, so I'll have to give them a call tomorrow to inquire about the numerous other items I mentioned to them that were totally ignored!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

SOMETIMES I wonder HOW these people get these positions! I guess it must be the ones who can avoid answering questions directly so as to try and appease the letter writer. Well, that may work with some people, but NOT me. There is NO logical reason why we should not get a substantial discount for having what amounts to an ENHANCED Lo-Jack system on our car. What's better-

Getting a stolen car back in MINUTES with NO damage OR recovering a stolen vehicle a week(s) later COMPLETELY stripped? The LOGICAL answer to me would be the former scenario, BUT to the insurance company, I guess the latter would be a BETTER scenario for THEM because they could use that as an excuse to raise their rates because of a high loss ratio! Where are we? STUCK right in the middle with bureaucrats not wanting to pi$$ off the big guys!

WHY aren't there ANY people in a position of power willing to help the little guy ESPECIALLY in these economic times? OK- off my soapbox for now. Stay tuned. There MAY be more.


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I asked my agent the same question, why is there no discount for OnStar, yet I can get a discount for an alarm with starter kill. the response was, I don't know why. maybe if enough people push their insurance companies something can be done.


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State Farm now Has Safe Drive discount with Onstar
Yes, it's basically like the Progressive "dongle", except without the dongle!

State Farm makes you give OnStar™ permission to forward your driving info (milage, time-of-day, GPS, etc.) back to them (State Farm). That's how they eliminates the dongle. But you can not restrict or limit what info OnStar™ sends to State Farm.

All that for only 5% discount!

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