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Well. I KNOW I got a great deal on the car. Truecar has it for $19,217 for my area. I went an hour out of my way to pick this one up used with 22k miles on it. A bit more than I wanted, but the sticker was set for 16,989 when I first went to look at it. The following week it was up to 17,989. The dealership honored the 16,989 starting price...I talked them down to 16,400 and they accepted...being military I paid no taxes on the vehicle...only dealer fees and title and tags for less than 300 bucks.


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I bought my 2011 LTZ RS, Certified Pre-Owned, about three months ago. Mileage was at 37k and the sticker price was $17,995 (about $1k below KBB value). I went with a 5 year finance and got a good rate at 2.3%. The car is in great condition so I couldn't pass it up even though the mileage is a bit high. Honestly that doesn't bother me because, even though it's my daily driver now, I will still be driving my Monte Carlo occasionally during the spring-fall.


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I know the economy still stinks, but Toyota is selling tons of cars, enough to knock GM out of the number 1 spot! If GM doesn't open their eyes and start to help their customers, they can expect to go lower in the ratings. It's happened before and it can happen again!

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