Z3 Hood Emblem replacement tips?


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In the process now of replacing my old hood roundel. Have the replacementalready, just need some advice on replacing it. The methods I've found in other places online don't seem to work for the Z3, as the emblem is recessed, and difficult to get anything under it to pry off.

Are the grommets reusable? Is there a way to get them off of the back of the prongs without damaging them? I have removed mine several times. When I do it, I place two layers of painters tape (the nice, green stuff) on both sides of the roundel, as close to the edge (if not under it) as possible. I then use a small, slotted screwdriver to gently lift the edge, using my finger as the fulcrum. I go side to side like this until it lifts enough to pull on with just my fingers. The tape is there just in case you slip with the screwdriver, as all the prying is happening against your finger. I have never had any damage using this method.

The grommets are completely reusable. They are just friction-fit into both the hood and onto the prongs. Make sure they are installed in the hood when installing the roundel, not on the roundel itself. The retaining pins are also accessible from the rear if you open the hood and look up. This has been the easiest way for me. It almost looks as though there are nuts on the back, under the hood. My fingers are too big to get in there, though, to remove them. I think you are unnecessarily risking your paint by the top side pry method. Good on you if you get it but it seems far too risky to me.

Should be held on by two plastic pins, that's it. The only thing holding it in is friction. Push from underneath (hood open) and it will pop out. The smaller screwdriver was the trick, thanks! It popped right off, without any damage. The new roundel is a bit loose, though.

There was a notation under the emblem in black marker that said "4A". Does this mean something? My 328 needs a new badge, got one from the wrecking yard..do I need to remove the engine blanket? Or can I just pop the new badge in? I use a large kitchen cloth and a large flat headed screw driver. Wrap the kitchen cloth over the end of the screw driver twice. Then use that to pop out the emblem. Just takes some patience.

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