Stay away from chevy

What ever you do. Stay as far away from the Cruz as possible. It gets the worst gas mileage from a 1.4 lit turbo (2012). The computer will tell you your getting 60 to 90 MPG. It's all fake. When you gas up and do a real mileage Check. I never get more than 23 MPG highway. GO can't even get the spark plug gap right. You call up GO and tell them your a steady customer for 15 years, and they don't care. You try to Lemonize the car in court. That's no good either. You have to show how that devalues the car. I rolled over to Dodge. Best thing I ever did. GM is run by stupid people. Now they are gonna suckered people with a diesel. Good luck to those who don't heed the warning. Long Island NY.

Mo Cruze

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Dont go to Tropical Cheverolet in South florida whatever you do! Check it out. Im an idiot for buying the car while it was raining. Right when i got home i noticed there was birds chirping in the engine. Couldnt hear it over the rain. Took it to Pembroke Pines Chevy the next day and they replaced the belt and the tensioner(said the belt onoly had 4 of the 6 ribs left on it and the spring was completely broken and i was lucky i even made it there) Also be4 they released the car to me they did the recall on the steering or something and they forgot to even mark it in the computer Pemborke Pines almost did it again until they relized it was already done. SMH. Then the squeaking was still there and it was some gasket around the dipstick took Pines chevy 4 seperate days over a 10 day peroiod to figure it out. Was some gasket around the dipstick. And i did make them promise to patch it for me. But its actaully been a terrible buying experience i dont even trust bringing my car back to them. Dont want anyone there touching my car! TROPICAL CHEVROLET ON BISCAYNE! DO NOT GO THERE! The guy who does the paperwork at the end lied to me as well trying to get me to buy 4 year warranty said i only have 10 months left on worranty that the guy be4 bought it in 2012. Was all lies. Found out from pines i still had 26 months warranty left.SMH Anyhow So i called my salesman(yojano) about the leather patch they owed me like 5 times within 2 weeks always promised a call back and never got one. So i called the dealership and talking to Indiana and Indie (two girls there) on 3 seprate occasion also promising to call me back when they figure it out. Never did. Finally i called to speak to general manger(almost a month since i bought the car at this point) on 3 or 4 seperate occasions and they always tell me hes not in or in a meeting they wont let me talk to him! So i talked to another manager and he said to bring it in wanted me to drop it off so they can send it somewehre to get patched he was very rude cant remember his name. I dont want them anywhere near my car. Most unprofessional dishonest and worst buying experience ive ever had. But the car is running great now and i love it! Just gotta patch the leather so it doesnt rip more. DONT GO TO TROPICAL CHEVEROLET!

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