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Hello everyone. I pick up my brand new Cruze 1LT today. Cant wait to read the posts of my fellow Cruzers.


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Unfortunately Auto, I was constrained with a need for a car and my fiance can't drive stick, also my friend who is a Service Manager and really helpful toward parts and repairs got pretty upset when I said I was getting a stick. Really though I couldn't find a 2013 with as low as mileage I needed as soon as I needed that was manual.


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Well, truthfully, beyond the 'knee exercise' & better fuel economy that manuals provide, the automatic *IS* more popular...something like 85% auto vs. 15% manual.

While I prefer a manual, the wife has 'bum' a knee so it's only autos now...she used to drive manuals all her life, so it's not that she doesn't know how to shift, but rather that she now physically can't.

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