My Chevrolet Cruze 1.4 Turbo LT


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Surprise to hear that. Only sedan body in USA?
...yes, we have neither the fastback nor the station-wagon models, just the sedan.

Yours is the first fastback I've seen...only seen some from Holden Australia.


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Yea and the new station wagon Cruze is a total hit over here also!!
Wagon is from model year 2013 in Poland.
Available from October / November 2012.
To be honest I prefer the look of sedan but in PL 1.4T is also a new application
and was only available in hatchback and wagon MY 2013 when I ordered it.

On polish board I have the first 1.4T so far :)


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I have seen new Malibu. Looks nice but price is not so competitive.
Epica - not so much as Cruze & Aveo.
Regards :)

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