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...in Photoshop ;)

I think I'm going to get a set of Eibach Pro Kit springs though. Anyone here have them on their car? If so, how much has the ride quality changed?


Original pic



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I've done some brochures and sales literature, however never took classes for graphics or design. Just started playing with photoshop for fun.


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Another example

2015 Mustang - Original Photo

Modified - Lowered, tinted, black wheels w/ polished lips, 2013 style Shelby grille, 86 Mustang style hood stripe. This took less than 10 minutes. It's not perfect, but was donw on my laptop only using the touchpad and no mouse.



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I dabbled in commercial art in both college and USN...being able to sketch and illustrate ideas comes in VERY handy when presenting concepts to others.


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Had the Eibach Pro-Kit on my 2003 Monte Carlo. Stiffens up the suspension nicely while improving ride and handling; less brake dive, rear squat, and body roll. Some people don't want the stiffer suspension on a daily driver but I personally don't think it's too bad. I may look into the Pro-Kit when the time comes to replace the Cruze's original struts.

Looks like the specs for the Pro-Kit on the Cruze, regardless of year and trim, are 1.2" drop (front) and 1.2" drop (rear).

Bilstein also makes a kit. Little more pricey but it's Bilstein, plus their's is the entire strut assembly, not just the springs. I posted about their's here > http://www.cruzeforumz.com/f32/bilstein-b14-suspension-kit-332/
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