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Cleaning and conditioning keeps leather upholstery moisturized, strong, and resilient. Conditioned leather is less susceptible to cracking, fading, and aging. I use Meguiar's products for the leather upholstery in my cars and get great results. I apply on a regular basis so the leather maintains the conditioner; usually every other week or at least once a month. I try to apply to the driver seat more often since it sees the majority of use and wear.

What does everyone else use for leather?


Get some Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner from Adam's Polishes! The conditioner smells amazing! It actually smells like leather and helps to retain that "like new" leather smell. Besides that it works very well to soften the leather to prevent cracking and creasing.


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I have heard of Adam's line of car care products. I believe it's been mentioned on other Forums before.

I stick to the Gold Class Leather Conditioner from Meguiar's.



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I have always tried to apply leather conditioner to the seats before it's going to sit overnight or for any longer period of time, just so it has a chance to work into the leather.
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If the leather "conditioner" contains silicon, it *will* eventually ruin the leather.

The BEST leather conditioner I've ever known has been Saddle Soap™, but it must be 'thoroughly' worked *into* the leather and NEVER allowed to accumulate on the surface of the leather else it'll rub off onto clothing like mad!

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