How did you find the forumz?

How did you find Cruze Forumz?

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New member
I've been pleased with this Forum so far, aside from the constant b.s. spam attempts (kudos for staying on top of that) and lack of current active members. I do like the layout of this Forum; similar to Monte Carlo Forum. Hopefully we start to get some more active members on here.


New member
We're the 'Black Operations' forum for Cruzen people -- always *there* in the background, hidden in plain sight (ha,ha).


New member
New comer

Hi all,
I'm a newbie to this Chevy Cruze Forum. And I want to know about chevrolet cars actually. I'm very interested about it.
Thank you.


New member
Old Chevy guy in need of feedback on like models. This might be my answer to some of my Cruze problems. Your past experiences will definitely help me.

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