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Recently purchased a 2012 Cruze RS and so far I am very pleased with the car. While not looking forward to the snow here in southeastern Ohio, I am curious as to how the car handles in the snow. I was fortunate in that the 2004 Pontiac Vibe I traded in had the same 16" tires, so my hardly used studded tires from last winter will be put within the next week or so. Just had some custom work done to the exhaust by adding a split Y pipe after muffler making it a dual outlet with polished stainless tips. Next will be the change from stock muffler to Magnaflow muffler (not fond of how quiet the car is).


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...ah, ha! Another Vibe owner. Welcome aboard.

...who did your split-Y exhause tail pipe work, a local muffler shop or one of the muffler chain stores? Look forward to seeing pictures too.
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split pipe

Local muffler shop Rod's Tire Town (Zanesville, Ohio) does this. I've known the owner for years and the last time I had this done was on my 92 Dodge Daytona v-6. The work they do could be seen as art the way they cut, bend and weld the pipes. Temps are supposed to be in high 40's to low 50's today so I will get the pictures later today. Haven't decided if I will have the resonator taken off then the performance MagnaFlow muffler on or leave the resonator and just replace the factory muffler. Of course I have some concerns with warranty issues but there are consumer rights that protect people when aftermarket items are installed. Here is a pic of my 04 Vibe SS, yes I did tons of performance work and tagged it as an SS. It did attract attention at the car shows.


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Pictures of dual exhaust outlets

Stainless steel pipe with polished stainless tips


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Looking to mod my car with some small things next is the chrome handles then hopefully adding usb to the car

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