Dome/map lights?


New member, but as soon as I receive my copy of the 2011 Cruze Service Manual I'll take a look at what needs to be done to make that happen--if it's possible.


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If you think about it logically, you don't USE any lighting during the day so who cares what you can or cannot see brightness-wise when the sun's out. Especially if the base needs a good electrical contact for the map lights. Its not a big deal that map the light doesn't work but for some reason with out that switch you don't have either front dome light.
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Recently I replaced both my dome and map from superbrightleds.
Map Lights - Wide Angle LED bulb (White) 194/168 Wedge Bulb.
Dome Light - LED Festoon bulb (White) 194/168 Wedge Bulb.
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