2013 Chevrolet Cruze RS Package


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$595 option including:

  • Sportier looking bumpers
  • Lower body moldings
  • Rear spoiler
  • *Fog lamps and uplevel instrument cluster with chrome trim rings

*On LT models (this content already standard on all LTZ models)


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When it looks "good" one has to wonder *why* they just don't go ahead and make it part of the original body design?!? (I know: $-$-$-$).

That molding-insert in rear-bumper facia really helps to make the rear end look cleaner and less bloated than it is.


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Both very true statements, CUDA. I agree, that RS rear bumper can look large, especially for a small car, but that lower insert does look good while helping to disguise and break up that quite a bit. I do really like the overall appearance and stance the RS package adds to the car.


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I know the RS package was introduced at the 2010 New York Int'l Auto Show, so late first quarter/early second quarter, but when was it made available?


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Is the RS package available where you are, or in any of the European market for that matter?

There's actually a sportier version here called Cruze with Body Kit, equivalent to the US Cruze RS in a way, as far as the exterior goes. It's a 1.6 L engine, 124 HP and a 5 gear manual transmission. Has the lip spoiler, side skirts, RS type bumpers only thing is, its not reffered to as an RS, no bagdes no nothing. No side markers also! :) Check out some pics of Body Kit Cruzes aka RS versions here in Croatia. Original Chevy product, no aftermarket work on any of these. Let me know what yall think! :)


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